Environmental Heat Recovery

March 2009

Aldi Stores Ltd are one of the UK's leading discounters', providing high quality ambient, chilled and non-food goods, all combined with excellent value.

Carter Synergy have become an integral partner of Aldi's design team, and continue to deliver our services across the entire UK, constantly adding value and innovation to the partnership.

As Aldi continue to dominate the headlines with their impressive growth in these difficult economic times, it is imperative that their own corporate goals are continually exceeded to ensure a healthy business and an ever-improving offer to their customers.

High on the priority list for any retailer at present, is the environmental impact of their property portfolio, and their ever-increasing energy bills.

Carter Synergy have teamed up with the world renowned Daikin to provide Aldi with a refrigeration and heating solution designed to combat both of the above. By reducing the energy usage of a store, the installation designed and installed by Carter Synergy has achieved both a reduction in Carbon Footprint and, indeed, in energy consumption costs.

The Daikin Coveni-Pack runs on R407c, which, in itself, has a lower GWP than conventional refrigerant gases.

The system then uses the heat generated following the refrigeration effect, and transfers this heat back into the store, via strategically located Fan Coil Units, to provide comfortable temperatures both within the sales floor and the welfare area's.

The system is so efficient, that the conventional gas fired air-handling unit usually installed by Aldi was not required, and all of the heating needs could be met by the recovered, 'free' heat.

Working closely with Aldi's Mechanical Engineering Consultants, and their Construction Team, Carter Synergy were able to deliver this new, innovative system, within the same time frame as a conventional installation.

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