Time is running out!...From the end of 2009, the use of virgin HCFC refrigerants is banned.

September 2009

If you are user of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Chiller Systems or Heat Pumps containing these refrigerants this imminent ban on the use of virgin HCFC's represents a very real business threat to your company. Many of the applications using these refrigerants are absolutely critical to the continued operation of their owner's business.

The phase out of HCFC refrigerants is covered by legislation, the framework documents being the EU Regulation for Substances that deplete the ozone layer and the EU F-Gas Regulations. To assist users in their obligation to comply with this legislation, guidance information can be obtained from the F-Gas Support, website or alternatively, as a long standing and major company in the industry, Carter Synergy can give this guidance and also help you consider the best solution options.

As you will appreciate the chemical companies producing virgin HCFC refrigerants are quickly reducing production as the ban date approaches. Virgin HCFC will become scarce and very expensive during the remainder of this year. Virgin HCFC cannot be stockpiled and will be illegal to use after 31st December 2009.

Let Carter Synergy help manage your HCFC phase-out.

We have an experienced team, knowledgeable about converting existing equipment and can also help with reclaiming R22.